What's Your EV Range

Electrical vehicles (EV) are here to stay so why are we still talking miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe)?
We don't talk that way in My EV App!  
We're owners just like you and we want to know the Distance we can travel for each 1% of available Battery.

About My EV App


Our Approach

Real world language, not MPGe, Kwh, W-h but simple to understand.



We calculate range by taking the distance you have travelled and divide it by the battery you've used.  Simple.


Each 1%

EV owners watch their battery % remaining.  We give you the distance you can travel for each 1 % of battery remaining (d%b).  Easy.


How Far?

Want to know how far you can travel based on your past trips?  How about based on your current battery %?



Each trip entered works towards your average range, efficiency and distance you can travel for each 1% of battery remaining (d%b).  No guessing!


Efficiency %

Efficiency for the real world takes your total range and compares that to the manufacturers stated range.  No fluff.

    We're like you, we own an EV.  Besides tracking your EV trips which yields the benefits of looking back at why you did so well or didn't, you can review the weather conditions and accessories being used.   We also think that EV's need a new way to measure success as MPGe or Kwh/100 is confusing.

We've tried to measure driving our EV's like we used to with our gas cars such as miles per gallon (MPG) because we filled our tanks with gallons of gas.  So 1 gallon (Litre) of gas would get us x miles (kilometers) of driving.  That made sense for a petrol based vehicle.

But now our electric cars fill with energy, called watts, a thousand of which is considered a kilowatt (Kw) and using a Kw for one hour is called a kWh, that's usually the measurement we get charged by our electricity provider.   A typical 120v wall outlet will charge at a rate of around 1.4 kWhs.  If your battery holds 14 kilowatts of energy, it will take 10 hours to recharge if starting from empty.

The size of your battery or container i.e 17 kWh battery or 60 kWh battery should make no difference when talking distance for each 1 % of battery except, like cars, if you your car had a 10 gallon tank instead of 20 then you're bound to go further.  

We believe it should just be a simple matter of how far we can travel based on each available % of our remaining battery (d%b).  That's easy and measureable.

So if I have travelled 50 miles (kilometers) and used 50% of my battery to get there, my d%b is 1.0 mile (kilometer).  

If I want to know how much further I could travel with my remaining 50% and if my driving pattern and accessory usage does not change from the first 50, then I would logically be able to travel 50 miles (kilometers) more.  

So we measure your d%b on a per trip basis and then provide you with your overall average.  We even provide you with the seasonal average so that when the colder or hotter weather is upon you, the d%b continues to make sense.

The higher your d%b, the better.  When you score under 1.0 (miles or kilometers) then you're getting far less efficiency and likely lower range.  

On my EV, the estimated range is 100 miles (160 Kilometers) or a d%b of 1.0 miles (1.6 kilometers).  My real world numbers are a d%b of 0.75 miles (1.2 Kilometers) giving me an effective range of 75 miles (120 Kilometers).

No doubt you've noticed on your EV how the efficiency rating seems reflect a higher % yet your range is not in sync with that percentage.  That's because manufacturers use a formula that's all their own.

We measure efficiency based on what the manufacturers estimated range which is considered 100% efficiency.  

So if I have used 50% of my battery to travel 40 miles (64 Kilometers), then if my driving habits for the next 50% are assumed to the be same as the first 50%, then my estimated full range would be 80 miles (128 Kilometers) giving us a real world efficiency of (80 miles / 100 miles) 80%.

Now to get all this great information about your car, you only need to enter each trip in the My EV App, then the averages makes sense.  

Help all EV owners by rethinking the MPGe and Kwh lingo and instead start talking d%b, you'll see the difference simplicity makes.


Main Manu

Main Menu

My EV App's main menu is feature rich.  Here you'll see what your current d%b is along with adding your car, adding trips, updating your cars maintenance and seeing how far you can travel.  

Trip List

Trip List

Adding your trip to My EV App is easy.  Tell us what distance you've travelled and what your starting and ending battery was.  We'll do the rest.  You can also indicate the weather and which accessories you turned on.  A notes feature lets you remember anything of importance.   Selecting a trip reveals more details.


Trip Results

When you select a trip from the trip list, you come to this overview page.  Here you'll see your efficiency and d%b.  You can swipe to see more information.

Trip Details

Trip Details

This report provides key information about your trip like what your range would have been if you continued to travel.  It also compares your potential range with your manufacturers range.

Weather & Accessories

Setting Trip Options

We all know that what we turn on during our trip or the weather affects the distance we can travel on a charge.  So by indicating which accessories you used during this trip, we can help provide great seasonal based averages.

How Far Based On Distance?

How Far Can You Travel?

We make knowing how far you can travel easy.  Just enter the distance you want to travel and we'll tell you, based on your averages, how much battery you'll need.   Likewise, if you know the amount of battery you have left, you can enter it and we''ll tell you how far you can go.  In both cases, we have a buffer of 5% to play it safe.

FAQ Answers

When our team started to use My EV App we had lots of questions so we're sure you do to.  Below are some common FAQ's but you can also contact us for any questions you might have.

Gasoline driven cars are measured by MPG, where you have 10 gallons of gas and can drive x miles.  But with EV's we don't have gallons, we have size of battery.  

So we've broken things down to the distance per each 1 % of available battery (d%b).  

If I travel 50 miles and use 50% of my battery, regardless of the size of battery, I have a d%b of 1.0.   Try to always get more than 1.0 of a d%b.

All of our EV's come with some sort of an efficiency reading.  It's a complicated algorythm that's not reliable.  

We make it simple.  

When you add your vehicle to My EV App, you indicate the maximum distance your manufacturer says you can travel on a full charge.  

We take that value and compare it to your potential range.  This is real world and provides you with a lower but real efficiency rating.

Unlike gasoline vehicles, EV's rely totally on what's available in their batteries.  Every electrical accessory that's turn on will have an impact on range especially at night or during the cold winter months.  

So choose which accessory to put on wisely.  

For instance, turning the A/C could impact your range by as much as 20% or heated seats by 10%.  

In My EV App, we provide you the ability to indicate which accessories you used during a trip so that you can understand why one trip used more battery than another.

When adding a car, there's a field which asks you to enter the 'EPA or Est. Range on Full' which is actually very important.   This is the manufacturers or EPA estimated range for your car on full charge.  

The thing you need to be careful about is that the EPA may be way off reality.  

The EPA may say your car will only travel 60 miles on a full charge but when you start driving it, you're always getting 90 miles.  

This impacts your efficiency ratings.

We just thought it would be convienent for you to track the cost of maintaining your EV.

After you login the app select the 'Help' icon located on the main menu.  Then choose 'Problem or Suggestion'.  

Any updates we provide for a problem or suggestion you submitted is cc'd to you so that you see the progress our developers make towards resolving or implementing your submission .



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